March 20, 20 - 7:19 pm - LABS

New Constitution referendum postponed in Chile

In Chile, the coronavirus pandemic and measures of social detachment leaded the government to postpone the referendum on constitutional reform in the country to October 25th, according to G1. Originally, the constitutional change was due to be voted on April 26th. The change in the Constitution is one of the requests of Chileans who participate in street demonstrations, which broke out in October of last year.

The Chilean government also announced a billion-dollar package of emergency measures. There are almost $11.7 billion to save jobs and protect small businesses, in addition to reducing the impact of the virus on the world’s leading copper producer. In total, spending on the package will equal 4.7% of the country’s annual GDP.

According to Reuters, the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera is under growing pressure to follow Argentina’s example and announce a national quarantine by opposition leaders, medical experts and local mayors, who have launched their own measures to try to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.