December 08, 20 - 11:51 am - LABS

Chilean President fills a complaint against himself for circulation without a mask

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera on Monday filed a complaint with the health authorities against himself for circulating in public places without a mask, reported O Globo. He says he went for an anonymous walk on the beach, but he was recognized by citizens who surrounded him and asked for photos, creating a crowd.

In Chile, this week began the vaccination trials carried out by the Oxford University and the AstraZeneca laboratory, through the University of Chile, which seeks to vaccinate nearly 3,000 volunteers in the country, according to Diario Financiero.

Chilean Health Minister, Enrique Paris, announced that as of the first quarter of 2021 vaccines against COVID-19 would be available. Specifically, this would occur in January with Pfizer and Sinovac’s vaccines, although “I cannot give an exact date,” he said, according to CNN Chile.