April 14, 20 - 7:24 pm - LABS

Chilean retailer Falabella postpones physical stores remodelling to focus on online sales

Since the coronavirus pandemic made physical stores close because of social distancing measures, the Chilean retailer Falabella decided to postpone its stores remodelling to focus on e-commerce. The company operates 511 stores and 111 of them are department stores, which are closed during this isolation period, as reported by La República.

The digitization projects will be maintained at an increasing rate. While in 2015, 26% of investments were for technology and logistics, the plans for 2020 allocate 38% of the investments for this. Now, given the postponement of the renovations of physical stores, the investments can be even higher.

Falabella website homepage. Falabella logo visible on the phone screen.
To face the pandemic, Falabella is investing in digitization projects. Photo: Shutterstock