January 07, 21 - 4:51 pm - LABS

Colombia and Argentina adopt new circulation restrictions amid rise of COVID-19 infections

Argentina and Colombia are adopting new circulation restrictions amid fear of new variants of the novel coronavirus and a rise in the number of infected people.

On Thursday, Argentina’s federal government said it would restrict the movement of people in the country during night hours, in an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic during summer vacations. On Wednesday, 13,441 new cases were registered in the country, 5,200 more than in the previous month, reported Reuters.

Meanwhile, Colombia’s capital will enter a strict quarantine until Tuesday. According to the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, the decision was taken after the increase in the number of infections: 32% from December 27 to January 4. Non-essential businesses will be closed. Only one person per household will be allowed to buy food or medicine.

According to Claudia, this is atypical behavior that “shows that there is something additional” happening. Colombian health authorities suspect that the new variant of the coronavirus is already circulating in the city.

After Bogotá, the regions of Kennedy, Fontibón, and Teusaquillo will enter into strict quarantine starting next Tuesday, January 12, at 00:00 hours, reported La República.