April 04, 21 - 2:46 pm - LABS

Colombian government announces measures to tackle COVID-19’s third peak

President Iván Duque announced this Sunday a resolution that issues a series of recommendations to face the third peak of COVID-19 in Colombia.
In general, depending on the proportion of occupancy of the ICU beds, localities will have to implement measures to restrict circulation, such as “pico y cédula” (restriction of circulation determined by the date and last digit of citizens’ ID card) and curfews.

For cities with intensive care occupancy between 50% and 69%, night curfews will be established between midnight and 5 am; for cities with ICU occupancy between 70% and 79%, curfews between 10 pm and 5 am; for cities with UCI occupancy between 80% and 85%, the curfew must start at 8 pm; and for with an ICU occupancy greater than 85%, it is recommended that the curfew starts at 6 pm.

In all cases, general quarantines are not foreseen, but specific measures.

Until Saturday, April 3, the country registered a total of 2,437,197 infections by the novel coronavirus (since March 2020). Deaths from the pandemic already total 63,932.