April 02, 20 - 4:49 pm - LABS

Colombia is the eighth Latin American country to have more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19

Thirty-seven days after the first positive case for coronavirus was registered in Latin America, there are already eight countries in the region that surpassed the mark of 1,000 cases. Colombia was the latest to date to join the list, according to local newspaper La Republica.

Source: INS Colombia.

Brazil, followed by Mexico, and Ecuador were the first countries to register cases in the region, which currently accounts for more than 17,800 over 12 Latin American countries.

The measure adopted in Colombia is the best at the moment because it is based on a series of previous analyzes that demonstrate this and because it has worked before.

María Fernanda Gutiérrez, virologist from the Javeriana University, to la republica

Chile and Brazil, holding the larger number of cases in Latin America, account for 3,404 and 7,910 people who tested positive, respectively, according to the World Health Organization. Colombia has currently a total of 1,065 infected, of whom 17 died, 39 recovered and 18,905 suspected cases have been ruled out.