July 25, 21 - 3:24 pm - LABS

Colombia is working on an electronic COVID-19 vaccination pass

In an exclusive interview with El Tiempo, Colombia‘s Health and Social Protection Minister, Fernando Ruiz, said that the country is working on the possibility of creating an electronic pass for those who are already immunized against COVID-19.

“We are already working on the development of a tool, an electronic card that allows us to have a control of vaccination in the country and in different places,” Ruiz told ET.

Also, Ruiz stressed the possibility of applying certain restrictions to social events and activities is not ruled out. Authorities are especially concerned about variants of COVID-19.

On Saturday, President Iván Duque confirmed the first case of the Delta variant (B.1.617.2) in Colombia, a citizen of Cali, who traveled to the United States and developed symptoms a day later.