June 29, 20 - 3:17 pm - LABS

Colombia reaches 91,769 infected and 3,106 deaths from COVID-19

Colombia has reached 3,106 deaths from COVID-19 and a total of 91,769 active cases. The country has 38,280 recovered patients, says La República. On Sunday, the country reported a record in deaths, concentrated mainly in the Caribbean Coast. According to the Colombian Health Ministry report, 122 of the 167 dead, that is to say 73% of the total, were located in this region, especially in Barranquilla, where 63 died.

The occupancy level of the ICU (Intensive Care Units) in Bogotá reached 71.4%, according to La República. According to the mayor Claudia López, if the ICU occupancy level reaches 75%, the city would declare a red alert and take strict measures.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, Colombia is close to reaching the top 20 of the most infected countries. However, it’s still far from other countries in the region such as Peru (279,419); Chile (271,982); and Mexico (212,802).