April 25, 21 - 11:02 am - LABS

Colombia registers a new record of deaths from COVID-19, as well as the whole world

Colombia‘s Ministry of Health confirmed on Saturday 16,730 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections in the country to 2,757,274. Also, 440 more deaths from the disease were reported, bringing the death toll to 70,886.

Coronavirus tests at the University of Cartagena, Colombia. Photo: INS Colombia / Twitter.

On Saturday, over 893,000 coronavirus infections were registered worldwide in 24 hours, an unprecedented daily number of confirmed cases since the outbreak of the pandemic and which is mainly due to the increase in infections in India, according to a count carried out by AFP.

The Asian country registered more than 2,600 deaths, facing a devastating health situation, while the world accelerates vaccination and is about to reach 1 billion administered doses.

According to La República, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, announced that the city will implement three measures to expand the capacity of the hospital network amid the third peak of coronavirus infections, measures that will be added to the expansion of ICU beds, to the massive takeover testing and quarantine measures.

The first measure is expanding field hospitals into the largest hospitals in the city to increase emergency care services. The second measure is the provision of ventilation instruments throughout the hospital care chain. The third measure is the implementation of tele-ICU services, which will allow remote support from specialists at a time when there is a shortage of specialized professionals.

The health situation in the country is 10% from collapsing in terms of ICU bed occupancy. To date, the country has been reported to have exceeded 80% of hospital capacity, the highest level that has been recorded throughout the pandemic.

The good news is that 912,000 vaccine doses from the COVAX alliance arrived, and, until Wednesday, two million more are expected to be delivered to the country.