June 08, 20 - 2:36 pm - LABS

Colombia suspends VAT for tourist services for the entire year

Colombia’s Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo, announced the exemption of VAT (Value Added Tax) on all hotel and tourism services in the country until the December 31.

“This measure is of great importance for tourism, as we are receiving requests from the sector. We continue working tirelessly to look for measures, in order to continue with the support we provide to this activity in the current situation”, stressed Minister Restrepo.

According to the rule, up to December 31st, franchise commercial establishments that carry out activities to sell prepared foods and beverages in restaurants, cafes, self-services, ice cream shops, are expemted from sales tax-VAT. It also applies to greengrocers, patisseries and bakeries, for local consumption (when authorized) or deliveries.