April 27, 20 - 4:15 pm - LABS

Colombian hosts in Airbnb will offer free and subsidized stays to frontline responders

The home-sharing and accommodation startup Airbnb launched its Frontline Stays program in Colombia aiming to provide free and subsidized rentals to healthcare staff and frontline responders fighting COVID-19. The idea is allowing professionals to be closer to their workplaces while distancing from their families.

Colombia is the first country in South America to implement this program. According to Airbnb, accommodations include homes with independent, non shared entrances and rooms in hotels fully dedicated to the program. Colombian hosts can choose to offer their homes through the platform with a discounted rate or for free.

The platform will offer a reimbursement for cleaning up to $50 per reservation to hosts who receive a reservation after offering it free of charge. Also, Airbnb said it will continue to waive its fees for the first 100,000 stays booked through this program globally. In order to be part of the program, hosts must agree to a number of safety requirements including enhanced cleaning protocols with recommendations from the American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), as well as guidelines established by the Colombian Ministry of Health.

Colombian boutique hotels and groups have also joined the Frontline stays program such as Dann Hotels, Ayenda Hotels and GHL Hotels. In this context they will offer some of their facilities exclusively for this program and at a reduced price.