March 25, 20 - 6:57 pm - LABS

Latin America has over 7,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19

According to the local health authorities, Latin America has already more than 7,200 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and over 120 deaths.

The 5 largest economies of the region–Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile–have registered 74 deaths due to coronavirus–57 in Brazil.

The majority of the region’s countries is taking steps to “flatten the curve”, but the rise on the number of infections is still overwhelming. As a result, governments continue to take more restrictive measures for the internal and external movement of people.

Starting this Wednesday, Uruguay, for instance, has determined that until April 13rd, the departure of the country for tourist purposes to Uruguayan citizens and foreigners residing in Uruguay is suspended.

Countries have also sought to prepare for greater demand for health services. In Peru, the government counts on the help of the Navy to set up field hospitals to serve infected citizens.