April 09, 20 - 6:18 pm - LABS

Coronavirus: EU will address €1 billion as response to fight the pandemic in Latin America

The European Union will address €20 billion to emerging countries to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the resources (€3.25 billion) will go to Africa, and almost €1 billion to Latin America.

According to EU’s statement, the response will focus on the most vulnerable people, including migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons and their host communities, and on integrate its strategic objectives set out in the Green Deal and the Digital Agenda.

The EU will also support Asia and the Pacific with €1.22 billion and €111 million to support Overseas Countries and Territories. EU’s aim is to invest the money into support experts training, and improve epidemiological surveillance, besides strengthening regional health organizations in Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean and Asia and the Pacific.