May 27, 20 - 4:57 pm - LABS

Brazil loses 860.5 thousand formal jobs in April, the worst month in history

Brazil eliminated 860,503 formal jobs in April, according to data from the National Register of Employees and Unemployed (Caged), from the Labor Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy. The result is the difference between the hires (598,596), and the dismissals (1,459,099). The data were released this Wednesday.

It is the worst result for April since the beginning of this historical series in 1992 and also the worst month in history, after December 2008.

Companies simply stopped hiring

Bruno Bianco Leal, Special Secretary for Social Security and Labor of the Brazilian Minitry of Economy.

“Brazil is managing to preserve jobs, but not maintain the level of hiring “, he added, according to the newspaper Gazeta do Povo, referring to the 8.3 million jobs maintained by the program that allowed the suspension of the contract and / or the reduction of hours and wages