June 16, 21 - 12:05 pm - LABS

COVID-19 crisis drove more than 10 million Mexicans into poverty

Between May last year and March 2021, about 10.6 million people fell into poverty, and 9.2 million into extreme poverty, according to estimates from the Research Institute for Development with Equity. (EQUIDE, in the acronym in Spanish). This means 54% of the Mexican population.

According to Graciela Teruel, director of EQUIDE, the impact of the COVID pandemic in Mexico was of such magnitude that it has yet to hit rock bottom. Nevertheless, the impacts of the pandemic on the high unemployment rates and the worsening of the population’s nutritional and mental health conditions persist.

“There will be large effects on poverty that continue throughout 2021. The impacts and consequences of this crisis are yet to be seen; [but] we have time to intervene,” she told Expansión.

According to the media outlet, these estimates are similar to those made by institutions such as the Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria (CIEP), Fundar, and Oxfam, which estimate that between 8 and 10 million people may fall into poverty due to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic.