April 24, 20 - 2:11 pm - LABS

COVID-19 may delay the arrival of 5G in Latin America, say experts

According to the Valor Econômico newspaper, the Covid-19 pandemic may postpone the implementation of the 5G network in Latin America, including Brazil, which officially still plans to hold the largest frequency auction for the new generation of mobile networks towards the end of this year. This is the opinion of a series of experts and representatives of industry associations heard by the Brazilian newspaper.

Besides Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru, also intended to implement their first 5G networks between this year and the beginning of 2021.

Latin America and the Caribbean ended 2019 with 1,237 5G connections. Photo: Shutterstock.

To Valor, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) reaffirmed that it is still possible to hold the auction at the end of 2020. “However, it should be noted that the agency is carefully monitoring the evolution of the current scenario, in order to contemplate the eventual need to postpone the scheduled dates and the event in the first two months of 2021,” Anatel told Valor.

This is the best and the worst time to hold the 5G auction. This will be an important strategic decision by the Brazilian government in its response to the economic impact of coronavirus on our production activities. This is the discussion today in China, the United States and in Europe: What will be the role of 5G networks in the economic recovery after COVID-19

Ricardo Tavares, executive president of consultancy TechPolis, told Valor.