October 13, 20 - 10:04 am - LABS

COVID-19 pandemic stability in Brazil is positive, but numbers are still high, warns WHO

The director of emergencies of the World Health Organization (WHO) Michael Ryan, said on Monday that recent data show stabilization and decrease in the coronavirus cases in Brazil, but he warned that this trend occurs from “very high” numbers, reported G1.

In the last week, Brazil passed the 150,000 deaths caused by the COVID-19 with 5 million cases. Despite the high numbers, the moving average of deaths was below 600 for the first time since May, according to the Brazilian media outlets’ consortium.

With that, 76% of the state of São Paulo (a state that felt a critical impact due to the disease) left the yellow phase and moved on to the green phase of the rebound plan, said O Globo. This means more stability about the control of the coronavirus’ infections and greater flexibility in the quarantine, such as the reopening of cinemas, museums, theaters, and events.