May 11, 20 - 10:48 am - LABS

Data traffic is stabilizing in Brazil, but complaints on broadband rise 10.4%

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), an industry watchdog, registered an increase of 10.4% in complaints regarding broadband services, reveals a story by Valor Econômico. In April, users’ complaints totalled 74,213, against 67,237 in March. Considering only those related to quality, operation and repairs, the number of complaints raised 4.8%, to 25,662 in April.

The dissatisfaction grew even as data traffic in Brazil was heading to stabilization after peaks observed in late March, according to Anatel. 

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In São Paulo, Brazil’s most populous state, the traffic spikes measured by, the infrastructure division of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee before the pandemic revolved around 8 terabits per second (Tbps). In March, at the beginning of the quarantine, traffic during peak hours reached 8.4 Tbps. It fell by 10% after measures taken by Netflix, YouTube and other digital platforms to reduce video quality and data traffic. And now it is increasing again, albeit gradually, revolving around 8.15 Tbps.

According to Anatel, there was an increase of nearly 50% in demand for data traffic in the second half of March in relation to the first half of the month. According to the agency, “all companies in the digital ecosystem”, which includes operators and service platforms on the internet, recorded historical peaks in demand in the period. Also according to the agency, the flow of data on international routes was even “more expressive” at the end of the first quarter.