July 19, 20 - 5:05 pm - LABS

Deaths from COVID-19 exceed 600,000 worldwide; 117,660 are in Brazil and Mexico

Deaths from the new coronavirus have surpassed 600,000 worldwide today, according to American university Johns Hopkins. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that almost 260,000 new infections were registered on Saturday (18) – a record for the second day in a row.

The number in the last 24 hours has caused the planet to surpass the 14 million infected people. This was the first time, according to the WHO, that more than a quarter of a million infections are registered in just one day since the pandemic began.

As of this Sunday, Brazil has 78,772 deaths due to COVID-19, the second-largest number in the world, behind only in the United States, according to the university data. The number is a little bit lower than the one gathered by the media outlets in Brazil directly with the health authorities until this Sunday afternoon: 78.871 deaths.

In the Johns Hopkins rank, Mexico appears at the fourth place, with 38, 888 deaths. Since May Latin America has become the disease’s new epicenter, there are no signs yet that the number of infections is falling.

Unemployed people in Cancun, Mexico.
Unemployed wait their turn to go to a community dining room while volunteers take the temperature and give hand sanitizer to avoid COVID-19 infections. Photo: Esmaragdo Camaz/Shutterstock