November 01, 20 - 7:20 pm - LABS

Despite 10,000 new cases in Brazil, number of deaths decelerates

According to data released this Sunday by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours, Brazil registered 10,100 new cases of covid-19. In total, the disease affected 5,545,705 Brazilians and was responsible for 160,074 deaths, an increase of 190 deaths since yesterday’s record. The information is from Agência Brasil.

The bulletin reported that the number of recovered people has been increasing and reaches almost 90% of the total infected: 4,980,942 people – 89.8% of the total. Brazil is in 2nd place in the total recovered in the world, behind only India, which is also ahead in the number of cases. India has 8.18 million infected and 4.49 million recovered.

The report also records that there are 2,359 deaths under investigation at the moment.