April 03, 20 - 3:43 pm - LABS

Digital subscriptions gain ground amid the pandemic

Revenues coming from digital subscriptions and SaaS increased by 31.5% in the Brazilian payment solutions company Vindi since the WHO decree about the coronavirus pandemic. The platform has 6,000 clients in sectors ranging from education to beauty.

While almost all the other segments recorded a drop in revenues in this period; digital services, pushed by offers such as gaming apps, streaming, adult content, and social networking sites, saw an expressive growth in demand, more than the usual. “On average, this sector grows from 8% to 10% in a good phase”, said the founder Rodrigo Dantas to media outlet PEGN.

The increase in digital services will not make up for the drop in other segments. A game, for example, has an average ticket lower than a school’s monthly fee. We hope that the lockdown will be shorter, but digital services are going to pass through it very well.

Rodrigo Dantas, Vindi’s founder, to PEGN

The growth, however, didn’t come from software platforms with corporate customers. Cloud storage, task management sites and platforms for e-mail blasts, for example, recorded a decline in the period. “What registered growth was software for individuals”, points out the entrepreneur. In general, according to Dantas, the major growth was noticed among entertainment services.