May 04, 20 - 4:23 pm - LABS

Downloads of e-commerce apps increase by 50% in Mexico

Isolation measures adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has led to a frequent e-commerce apps usage in Mexico. According to Milenio, the number of mobile commerce apps had increase of up to 50%. Data comes from a survey carried out by the market research company Apps Flyer.

The coronavirus on App instals and marketing budget report indicates that until April 20 there was a 29% rise in general applications download and their use had an increase of 12.9%.

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According to the research, although at the beginning of this report the games category grew up to 76%, in recent days it has shown a decrease of 6% in its downloads. In Mexico, education apps reported a 13% growth between March 31 and April 20, although facilities fell 20% in the same period.On the other hand, the use of lifestyle apps rose 53% in one month and 26% in income from April 14 to 20.