April 13, 20 - 2:41 pm - LABS

Ecuador police removed almost 800 bodies from homes in Guayaquil

Since the largest city of Ecuador, Guayaquil, collapsed because of the coronavirus outbreak, people have been dying in their homes or even on sidewalks of hospitals without care. Ecuador government reported that police removed almost 800 bodies in recent weeks from homes in Guayaquil, according to AFP.

According to Jorge Wated, who leads a team of police and military personnel created by the government to help with the chaos unleashed by COVID-19, in operation for the past three weeks, the task force had retrieved 771 bodies from homes and another 631 from hospitals, whose morgues are full.

He didn’t specify the cause of death for these people. According to AFP, 600 victims have now been buried by the authorities. Ecuador has recorded 7,500 cases of the coronavirus since the first diagnosis was confirmed on February 29 which overwhelmed the care system.