March 15, 21 - 7:18 pm - Reuters

Facebook to identify all COVID-19 vaccine publications

Facebook said on Monday that it has started identifying content that discuss vaccine safety and that it will soon be labeling all vaccine publications on the platform.

The company also announced the launch of a tool in the United States to give people information about where they can get vaccines against COVID-19.

The social media giant has been criticized by lawmakers and researchers for allowing the spread of false information about vaccines on its platforms.

The company said it will identify publications on Facebook and Instagram platforms that discuss the safety of vaccines against COVID-19 with texts that cite that vaccines undergo safety and effectiveness tests before they are approved.

Facebook also said that since February it has removed 2 million pieces of content from the social network and Instagram and that it has implemented temporary measures that include reducing the reach of content from users who repeatedly share content flagged as fake by information-checking agencies.

Translated by LABS