May 20, 20 - 11:31 am - LABS

The date for the General Data Protection Regulation to enter into force in Brazil may change, again

On Wednesday, the Brazilian Senate approved by 62 votes to 15 a substitute for the bill 1179/2020 that maintained the General Data Protection Regulation in effect from August 18 this year and postponed administrative sanctions (fines mainly) provided for in the law for August 2021.

President Jair Bolsonaro can still veto this article, and enforce the date of May 2021, as defined in Provisional Measure 959 edited by him months ago. It is important to remember, though, that any Provisional Measure is valid in the country for 120 days. If it is not considered by Congress during this period, it loses its validity.

And this is quite possible since there are many measures that need to be considered before it, as they are already locking the voting agenda of Congress.