April 14, 20 - 10:20 am - LABS

Home office is set to keep growing after the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic made remote work implementation almost mandatory in companies where it’s possible to do it. But a research by the Brazilian University Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) suggests that even after the pandemic, 30% of work will still be done remotely.

According to the research coordinator André Miceli, interviewed by Valor Econômico, online sales and distance learning are sectors that are expected to grow in the post-coronavirus phase.

30% and 100%

is the growth expected for online sales and distance learning, respectively, after the pandemic.

But home office may become more common across several sectors. The researcher believes that remote work reached a point of no return for some people, because it changes the main work relations.

He also points out that companies will need to rethink their internal processes and how to optimize internal relations, besides security and privacy policies in this scenario.