March 24, 21 - 4:39 pm - LABS

IATA presents TravelPass, a one-stop-shop to verify if the traveler meets COVID-19 health requirements

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced it is developing a new app to work as a digital passport. Iata TravelPass will be a one-stop-shop to securely verify if the traveler meets COVID-19 health requirements to the flight.

The app enables the traveler to create a digital version of the passport on the mobile, which will link the coronavirus test with vaccination and travel information.

It’s also possible to manage flights dates. The app automatically let the users know what are the travel requirements for the desired destination. According to IATA, if the traveller needs to take a test, the app will provide verified health centers at the user’s point of departure.

The lab will be able to send the tests results to the user’s mobile device. Once governments emit digital vaccination certification, the app will allow the traveler to upload it.

According to IATA, if the user’s meet the health requirements for the trip, he will receive an ‘OK’ in a notification. It also allows the user to checkin from home, sharing the status with the airline. According to IATA, the user’s data will be encrypted and saved on the phone.

“App’s digital ID function will pave the way for a future when travel is even more contactless and IATA TravelPass can act as a digital passport. It can also be incorporated by airlines in their own app,” it said.

According to IATA’s Twitter, the app is still in trial stage and a larger deployment is planned shortly. “Many airline partners will be integrating IATA TravelPass within their own app. Therefore, if your airline is using it, they will provide you with instructions,” it posted, adding that it is working hard behind the scenes to to get more governments to accept digital solutions like this to replace paper-based processes.