April 30, 20 - 7:31 pm - LABS

Coronavirus contagion rate in Brazil is 2.8, the highest among 48 countries, points out Imperial College

According to the Imperial College London monthly report, the rate of coronavirus contamination in Brazil is 2.8, the highest among 48 analyzed countries.

This means that each person infected with Sars-Cov-2, the novel coronavirus, in Brazil infects almost three people–for every 10 people, 28 are infected. The country with the lowest transmission rate in the study is Greece, with 0.44.

The Imperial College’s indicator points out that the transmission of coronavirus in Brazil occurs faster than the other analyzed countries–which can lead to more cases that need medical attention.

Due to the rate of contagion observed, the institution predicts that Brazil may register 5,000 more deaths from Covid-19 in a week, which may increase the total to 10,000 deaths.

10 countries with the highest rates of contagion by Covid-19

Source: Imperial College

This Thursday, Brazil registered 435 new deaths due to COVID-19, 8% more than in the previous day. In total, since the first case of the disease in February, the country has 85,380 confirmed cases, and 5,901 deaths, according to the Health Ministry.