December 03, 20 - 12:53 pm - LABS

In Brazil, São Paulo receives 1 million doses of CoronaVac

A new load with CoronaVac doses, Covid-19 vaccine produced by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac in partnership with Brazil’s Butantan Institute biomedical center, arrived this Thursday morning at São Paulo’s International Airport.

The cargo will serve for the production of 1 million doses, according to São Paulo Governor João Doria. The CoronaVac vaccine will be packaged and labelled at Butantan’s facilities.

“I am at Guarulhos International Airport, receiving a new load of supplies from CoronaVac, for the production of 1 million doses of the Butantan vaccine. We now have 1.2 million doses of the vaccine on Brazilian soil to save lives,” Doria wrote on his Twitter account.

The first 120,000 doses of Sinovac‘s vaccine against COVID-19 arrived at São Paulo’s international airport earlier in November.