April 06, 20 - 8:29 pm - LABS

In Chile, Multicaja PayPal offers solution for SMEs operating remotely

Seeking to draw small-medium businesses in Chile to e-commerce platforms amid the pandemic, Chilean financial services company Multicaja, in partnership with PayPal has announced a solution to further assure the security in e-commerce transactions for those SMB operating remotely.

For Esteban Anabalón, business head of Multicaja PayPal, it is very important for consumers to look for sites that have all the security measures for digital transactions. “Having a payment solution with a security guarantee is essential to protect sensitive user data, considering that the increased flow of e-commerce increases the risk of fraud. In this sense, Multicaja PayPal represents a reliable solution that avoids the need to expose sensitive credit card data on the internet, guaranteeing security for the business and the customer,” the exec recommended according to Payment Media news site.

Multicaja PayPal is a service that offers the sale, payment, receipt, and withdrawal of money (either in dollars or Chilean pesos) to both consolidated companies and to entrepreneurs. According to data from the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, in the week of March 16 to 22, about 14% of those consulted said that they saw the need to use the internet for the first time to make a purchase, while 12% made the same statement in the week of March 23-29 of this month.