April 29, 20 - 12:32 pm - LABS

In Latin America, passenger air transport dropped by 40% in March

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) informed this Wednesday, 29, the worst drop in the air sector’s recent history: passenger air transport decreased by 52.9% in the month of March, compared to 2019, reaching the same volume of passengers registered back in 2006. The information is from Valor media outlet.

In Latin America, air passenger transport fell 39.3% in March. The supply of seats decreased by 27.2% in the period, as a result, the average occupancy rate was 68.1%. As for international flights in the region, the drop recorded was 45.9% in the same month. Capacity shrank by 33.5% and the occupancy rate decreased to 66.5%.

In Brazil, passenger transport on domestic flights decreased by 32.2%, and the supply of seats, by 24%. As a result, the average flight occupancy rate dropped to 72.2%.

March was a disastrous month for aviation. Airlines have felt the progressive increasing impact of the pandemic, with border closures and mobility restrictions, including in domestic markets. Demand has returned to the level of 2006 but we have twice as many flights and employees from that time. Worse, we know that the situation deteriorated further in April and many signs indicate a slow recovery

Iata President Alexandre de Juniac said in a statement

On international flights on a global scale, the passenger demand fell 55.8% in March, with record declines in all regions. The offered capacity shrank 42.8% and the average occupancy rate was 62.5%. Air passenger transport on flights within countries fell 47.8% in the same month.