April 02, 20 - 2:37 pm - Fabiane Ziolla Menezes

Social Isolation Index of Brazil, by In Loco, is available for everyone

In Loco, the Brazilian geolocation startup that made its technology available to public agencies and authorities in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus has opened its data to everyone last Wednesday.

With a database that covers more than 60 million mobile devices in all regions of Brazil and an accuracy six times higher than that of GPS, the company created the Social Isolation Index. Through it, In Loco estimates that, on Wednesday, 51.8% of the Brazilian population were at home.

Although the company points out that the data does not represent the entire Brazilian population (In Loco’s database is equivalent to half of the smartphones in the country), they have a very large coverage and serve to help in the coordination of public policies.

In Loco made the index map available (in Portuguese) on its own website. In it, everyone can see the national score (the national percentage of isolation), and follow the evolution of that data day by day.

Map with data of April 1st. Photo: Screenshot from the In Loco website.