April 27, 20 - 4:52 pm - LABS

In partnership with Gerdau, Ambev delivers public hospital unity in the city of São Paulo

To support the elevated demand on public health network due to Covid-19 in Brazil, the leading producer of long steel in the Americas Gerdau, along with Ambev, the construtech Brasil ao Cubo, Albert Einstein Hospital and São Paulo city government, has delivered this Monday, 27, a new public 100-bed hospital unit ready to assist the pandemic patients.

Video: Ambev’s Twitter

The COVID-19 Treatment Center, attached to the M’Boi Mirim Hospital, in the southern area of São Paulo city, was set to be ready in 40 days but it was delivered in the record time of 36 days, marking the fastest hospital work in the country’s history. The 100 beds have already started to be occupied this Monday.

Gerdau has also announced on its Linkedin account that is working on another treatment center in the capital of the southern state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, in partnership with Ipiranga, Cia Zaffari, Hospital Moinhos de Vento and Porto Alegre city government.

The hospital unit will count with 60 beds, being attached to the Independência Hospital, which is administered by the Associação Hospitalar Divina Providência, with exclusive care by the Unified Health System in the country (SUS). Set to start still in April and be concluded by the end of May, the construction of this new health facility will adopt the same technology as the treatment center built in São Paulo, the company informed – adding that it will invest BRL 10.4 million in the new center.