June 24, 20 - 11:40 am - LABS

Internet traffic in Colombia drops 1.3% in June

According to the latest report of CRC, the Colombian Communications Regulation Commission, in the first 14 days of June, internet traffic shrank 1.3% compared to May, led by the gradual reactivation of the economy.

The time slot with the highest consumption remains between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., with higher consumption of entertainment and social networks. 60% of the traffic during peak hours are related to content servers and/or CDN (Content Delivery Network) applications, such as Facebook, Google, and Netflix.

Internet traffic in Colombia has been decreasing. In May, the consumption reduced by 4.1%, to 45 million GB less than in April. The report also shows that while in the five weeks of April there was an average weekly traffic of 544.6 million GB, in the four weeks of May an average of 524.9 million GB was registered, a 3.6% drop.