April 28, 20 - 11:27 am - LABS

Internet usage in Colombia increased 25% in April

According to figures revealed by Colombia’s Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), the average movement of gigabytes (Gb) per day in the country increased from 62 million to over 75 million between March and April; a 25% spike in terms of internet use.

While people are complying with stay-at-home measures, most are connected to the web for work or leisure. And the growth is maintained day by day: between April 1, and last Thursday, there was a jump of 72.7 million Gb, to more than 76 million.

76 million Gb

was the internet movement in Colombia last Thursday. March’s average was 62 million GB

Avantel CEO Ignacio Román explained to La Republica that “the number of users has been stable, however, the average consumption per 4G user has increased 20% in recent weeks, especially in the evening hours, after 10PM. Importantly, download speeds have not decreased, what we have experienced is different user behavior. In network terms, there is more use at night, even until 2AM ”