March 26, 21 - 10:18 am - LABS

LATAM Airlines Solidarity Airplane takes off with over 1.9 million vaccines across Brazil

LATAM Airlines Solidarity Airplane took off on Thursday to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to the Brazilian population. Overall, 19 flights are set to depart from São Paulo up to Saturday to move 1.9 million doses of to 18 states.

Considering these new shipments, the company has already moved 16.5 million doses on board in 174 flights since January 18, free of charge to the 27 Brazilian states. The volume corresponds to 53% of all vaccines handled by the airline sector within the country so far.

LATAM Cargo is the first airline in the American continent and the only one in South America to get CEIV Pharma certification, issued by IATA (International Air Transport Association). Since August, a team has been planning and advancing transport scenarios – domestic and international -, taking into account the destination, the airport infrastructure, and the logistics required for the transport of vaccines.

The Solidarity Airplane program has been helping Latin America for 9 years. Through LATAM Cargo, the program carried out rapid tests for COVID-19, medicines, masks, among other products in this pandemic, benefiting Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina.

It has also transported more than 1,000 health professionals free of charge to attend the COVID-19 emergency room and more than 500 people with diverse medical needs, such as illnesses or surgeries that need urgent care.