September 11, 20 - 11:26 am - LABS

Latin America 2015 per capita income will only return in 5 years, says CAF

The Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) foresees a new “lost decade” in the region as a result of the pandemic. According to the organization, only in 2025 will the Latin American GDP per capita return to the levels seen in 2015. This year, the estimate is for a contraction of up to 9% in the region’s economy.

In a call with some media outlets, including Valor Econômico, CAF’s President, the Peruvian Luis Carranza Ugarte said that the region’s rebound will be slow and the employability is a concern.

The greatest risk of “net destruction” of job vacancies is not among the most qualified or the most basic, but, above all, in the intermediate professional qualification functions, in his evaluation.