July 28, 20 - 10:48 am - LABS

Latin America and Caribbean lead global cases of coronavirus

Latin America and the Caribbean overtook North America (minus Mexico) as the region with the highest number of coronavirus infections in the world, according to the count based on data from John Hopkins University

On Monday, Latin America and the Caribbean registered 4.34 million confirmed cases of Covid-19, surpassing the United States and Canada, which accounted for 4.23 million. Europe leads the record of deaths, with 207,933 deaths up until Monday, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (182,840), the United States and Canada (155,673).

Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile ranked among the top 10 countries that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Also, the scientists point out a steady rise in infections in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

27% of global

coronavirus infections are registered in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile being the most affected countries in the region

Brazil, the epicenter of the pandemic in Latin America, follows the United States country with the highest number of infections and deaths, with 2,442,375 cases and 87,618 dead. Mexico has registered 395,489 cases and 44,022 deaths; Peru has reported 389,717 cases and 18,418 dead; and Chile has 347,923 cases and 9,187 dead. Colombia has reported 257,101 cases and 8,777 deaths.

Health experts have said that official data almost certainly under-reports infections and deaths, particularly in countries such as Venezuela, with limited testing capacity.