May 17, 20 - 3:09 pm - LABS

Latin America and Caribbean register half a million coronavirus cases

Latin America and the Caribbean have registered more than half a million coronavirus infections, according to official reports tallied by AFP news agency. The 500,000th confirmed case was recorded on Sunday, May 17th, as COVID-19 has already killed 28,463 people in the region.

Almost half the cases have been recorded in Brazil – the country worst-hit by the pandemic in the region – which also has more than 15,000 deaths. Brazilian authorities recorded 816 deaths on Saturday (16), bringing the total number deaths to 15,633, while infections hit 233,142.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Latin America are still surging. Photo: Shutterstock

Considering infections, the second most affected country in the region is Peru, which recorded 88,541 cases and 2,523 deaths. But Mexico, with 47,144 reported cases, registers more deaths from COVID-19: 5,045.

Chile records 41,428 infected and 421 deaths. This weekend, a total lockdown was imposed in the capital Santiago, after a sharp increase in cases and deaths in the previous 24 hours.

In Ecuador, there have been 32,723 cases and 2,688 deaths.

The other countries with high number of cases are Colombia, with 14,939 and 562 deaths, Dominican Republic (11,739 and 424), Panama (9,449 and 269) and Argentina (7,792 and 363).

The figures of diagnosed patients, however, reflects only part of the actual number of infections, since underreporting of the disease is widespread in many countries of the region.

Worldwide, more than 4.6 million people were infected with the new coronavirus. Of these, more than 309,000 died of the disease, and more than 1.6 million recovered.