April 09, 20 - 11:41 am - LABS

Latin America and the Caribbean records the equivalent of 14 million unemployed due to coronavirus, says ILO

According to what the International Labour Organization revealed this Wednesday, 8, the pandemic is causing the loss of 5.7 % of working hours in Latin America and the Caribbean this second quarter of 2020, which means 14 million full-time workers, as informed by UN Brazil.

“We are facing a massive destruction of jobs, and this poses a challenge of unprecedented magnitude in the labor markets of Latin America and the Caribbean,” ILO regional director Vinícius Pinheiro said in a statement. “From now on, we know that, at the same time that we face the health emergency, we will have to face a real reconstruction of our labor markets.”

The loss of working hours worldwide reached 6.7%, equivalent to 195 million full-time workers in the second quarter of 2020. The ILO document classifies the pandemic as the worst crisis since World War II , saying that, in the end, it could leave a trail of unemployment and precariousness at work.

The report also estimates huge losses in different income groups, highlighting that among the sectors most exposed to risk are accommodation and food services, manufacturing, retail and commercial and administrative activities. The ILO regional office for LAC informed that, as of April 14, it will hold a series of virtual dialogue tables to address specific themes of the crisis triggered by COVID-19 and to collaborate in the search for solutions adapted to the reality of each country in the region.