April 02, 20 - 6:41 pm - LABS

Latin America’s 5 largest economies have almost 15,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic figures updated this Thursday show that the five largest economies in Latin America – Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile – have 14,986 confirmed cases of the disease. The number of deaths due to the new coronavirus is 407.

This Thursday, Colombia was the eighth country in the region to surpass the 1,000 confirmed cases of new coronavirus. As the spread of the virus continues, countries in the region reinforce their restrictive measures and also begin to discuss or approve direct financial aid measures for companies and citizens.

In the country most of people is being treated at home.

Predictions are still difficult at this point, as tests for the new coronavirus are not being done massively in the region.

Asian countries that are seen as good examples of combating Covid-19, such as South Korea and Singapore, have mainly taken two winning actions: isolation and mass testing.

Worldwide, over 1 million cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed, and the number of deaths exceeds 50,000. The data are from Johns Hopkins University, which has released more updated figures than those of WHO itself.