June 17, 20 - 12:56 pm - LABS

Latin America reports sharp growth on COVID-19 cases

The epicenter of coronavirus worldwide, Latin America is registering rapid growth of cases and deaths in the recent days. According to Valor, Chile hit 5,013 new daily COVID-19 cases yesterday, bringing the total infections to 184,449. It raises Chile’s infection rate to over 10,000 per 1 million people, more than in any other country, except for Qatar.

In Bolivia, the number of new cases has accelerated in the past few days, prompting the government to enact confinement in La Paz from Saturday to Monday. Brazil is the country in the region that concerns the most: it has 45,467 deaths and 929,149 cases confirmed until 8 am this Wednesday, points out a survey carried out by the consortium of press vehicles using data from the state health departments.

In Mexico, deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico exceed in 150% those registered in 3 months, according to Milenio. Colombia registered 1,868 new cases yesterday, bringing the total number of infections to almost 57,000. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the number of new cases continues to increase in Latin America. The American continent registers 3.8 million contagions, 54% in the USA and 23% in Brazil, and almost 204,000 deaths.