February 12, 21 - 6:52 pm - LABS

Latin American countries have inoculated 7.4 million doses of vaccines against COVID-19; 4.6% of the total worldwide

Only a few Latin American countries have initiated their vaccination programs against Sars-Cov-2. In absolute numbers, Brazil and Chile have inoculated more vaccines against COVID-19. However, proportionally, Argentina is ahead in the vaccination race in Latin America.

According to Our World in Data, eight countries in the region have distributed more than 7.4 million doses of immunizers (ten times more than in January): Brazil 4.41 million; Chile 1.60 million; Mexico 725,447; Argentina 572,928; Costa Rica 75,113; Peru 32,951; Bolivia 10,167; and Ecuador 6,228.

When analyzed the number of doses per 100 inhabitants Chile is better positioned in the region, with 8.39 doses per 100 people. Next, comes Brazil (2.7) and Argentina (1.27).

In the world, more than 160 million doses were inoculated. Proportionally, Israel (71.19 doses per 100 people), United Arab Emirates (48.45), and the UK (20.67) lead the race.