July 02, 20 - 5:36 pm - LABS

Almost 30% of Brazilian professionals are going to the office amid the pandemic, says LinkedIn

A survey conducted by LinkedIn with around 1,200 users between June 1 and 14 shows that almost 30% of Brazilian professionals have attended their workplace during the COVID_19 pandemic.

The fear of the situation varies according to the age of the worker and the size of the company. See some of the survey highlights, pointed out by the platform editors in Brazil:

  • Employees of large companies are those who feel most compelled to return to the office despite the health crisis. About 29% of them see this as a compulsory situation. In medium and small businesses this proportion fells to 15% and 7% of the employees.
  • Older professionals are more willing to return to the office as soon as their employers allow it. That is about 28% of Baby Boomers and 26% of Generation X. At the same time, only 12% of millennials express the same desire.
  • When it comes to the risks related to the disease when commuting to the workplace, younger workers are the ones more concerned. About 47% of millennials are afraid of contagion on buses and subways. The national average, regardless of generation, is 29%.
Passenger wearing a mask on a bus in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Tânia Rego/Agência Brasil.

As of this Thursday afternoon, Brazil has 1,456,969 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 60,813 deaths due to the disease, only behind the U.S.