May 08, 20 - 9:45 am - LABS

Mercosur countries see the advancement of COVID-19 in Brazil as a threat

Argentina and Paraguay expressed worries about the coronavirus spread in their neighboring country Brazil, where COVID-19 has made more than 9,000 victims. According to Valor Econômico, the speaker of the Paraguayan Congress, Bras Llano, said on Thursday that Brazil is a “threat” to his country, a fear that had already been expressed by other leaders of the Mercosur.

Llano has said that the uncontrolled entry of Brazilians in Paraguay could trigger new outbreaks. On Wednesday, the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, had expressed a similar concern saying that Brazil represents a risk in South America. Both Argentina (see graphic) and Paraguay have flattened their curves of disease spread in comparison to Brazil.