April 07, 21 - 2:10 pm - LABS

Mexican and Brazilian Presidents said they “might be vaccinated” against COVID-19

Mexico‘s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced at a press conference that he would receive the coronavirus vaccine, despite having been advised by his physician not to do so, reported La Tercera.

At first, Mexico‘s President had ruled out receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, arguing that his doctor assured him that he has “enough antibodies and it is not essential.” Later, he recently announced that he will get the immunizer in the next “15 to 20 days”.

Brazil‘s President Jair Bolsonaro followed the same path. He said on Saturday that he saw no problem in looking for a health clinic and getting the vaccine. “I am already immunized [because I had COVID-19] and if I think I should be vaccinated, I will, but I think this vaccine of mine has to be given to someone who has not contracted the virus and is at a much greater risk,” he said in a brief conversation with journalists, reported O Estado de São Paulo.

On Wednesday, in an event in Southern Brazil, Bolsonaro defended the (non-existent) “preventive treatment against COVID-19”, and said that he does not like the situation of having to pay emergency aid for informal workers who cannot work. Bolsonaro is against lockdown policies, and stated that the Brazilian army will not assist governors in lockdown policies, nor will him implement a national lockdown.

“We do what is possible [to control the pandemic] even change ministers,” he said. Bolsonaro has established a cabinet reshuffle in recent days, including the change of Brazil’s Minister of Health.

“Imagine if PT [Workers’ Party, from Lula, Bolsonaro’s leftist nemesis] was here. Look at the neighboring country in South America [referring to Argentina], look at the population there,” he added.