May 13, 20 - 1:54 pm - LABS

Mexico says it will resume economic activity from May 18th

Mexico‘s federal government announced a plan to “gradually, orderly and cautiously” resume economic activities, starting on May 18th and divided into three stages until June 1st. The three stages are:

  • First stage May 18th: the opening of the municipalities of La Esperanza, which are 269 in 15 states, to school and work activity, but monitored with a sanitary fence.
  • Second stage, May 18-31: Preparation of protocols, training, readjustment of spaces, and entry filters in companies.
  • June 1st: Traffic light system for the reopening of social, educational and economic activities.

A traffic light system will be established, in which the color of each state will be periodically announced.

When the traffic light is red, only essential activities will be allowed, adding mining, construction, and transportation manufacturing.

When the traffic light is orange essential and non-essential activities with reduced working hours and personnel will be allowed. When yellow, all essential, and non-essential activities may operate without restriction.

And when the traffic is green it will mean that children can be back to school since they all comply with the health orientations.