September 04, 20 - 10:08 am - LABS

Mobile payments skyrocket and promise to change the market, says survey

A new survey by Capterra shows a 32% growth in the volume of payments by mobile devices among those who have digital wallets in Brazil. The research had 1,002 respondents from all regions of the country between July 14 and 21.

Contactless technology by Visa is available in the Rio de Janeiro’s subway. Photo: Visa.

The digital wallets allow contactless transactions through mobiles or smart watches. According to the survey, 46% of those who had these apps installed said they used to regularly pay for products or services using such apps before the crisis, against 61% that started doing so when the pandemic took place.

The number of those who have a digital wallet and say they do not use it fell by 72% when comparing the period before the crisis with the current one (from 18% to 5% of respondents, respectively).

Health issues played a fundamental role, according to Capterra: 28% of consumers who use digital wallets point to contactless payment as the biggest advantage of these apps, after those who consider it safer to pay with digital wallets than with credit cards (29%). The survey also points that 96% of consumers with an installed digital wallet intend to follow or start using contactless after the end of the pandemic.