July 14, 20 - 11:34 am - LABS

More informal workers, less activity and income in Colombia

In May, the informality rate in 23 Colombian cities reached 46.8% of the occupied population, a lower rate than the one from the same month in 2019: 47.9%. In other words, the latest data from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) shows that nearly five out of ten Colombians have lost. their formal jobs and are now looking for some informal activity to maintain their family’s income, but a part of them are not finding anything to do due to the quarantine measures and the lack of income by the urban consumers in the country.

Street vendor in Colombia. Photo: Shutterstock

The unemployment rate grew 21.4% in May in Colombia.

That’s the topic of today’s editorial from the Colombian newspaper La República. In it, the media outlet stresses that the situation is “of social urgency and the National Government must do something urgent”, not a tax or a pension reform, but a labor reform that frees the bonds of the current formal labor contracts, that considers workweeks of less than 48 hours and even a regulation that covers technological platforms, which are the ones that generate more jobs at that moment.

The crisis is also deepening inequality between men and women. According to La República, about 62.9% of the women who went into inactivity between March and May engaged in household chores, while that percentage for men was 15.4%.

“The Colombian labor panorama is not easy, therefore it requires urgent measures that must be started by an express labor reform that provides companies with tools to generate jobs”, wrote the newspaper.