July 03, 20 - 11:20 am - LABS

Number of COVID-19 infected in Brazil may be up to six times higher than official data

A Brazilian study on the extent of infection by the new coronavirus estimates that the number of infected people in the country may be up to six times greater than that officially registered, of almost 1.5 million people as of last Thursday. That’s the same research that LABS first reported in April, but now, as the study evolves, the scenario is more clearer.

Coordinated by the Epidemiology Center of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), in May the study concluded that 1.9% of the Brazilian population was infected. Now, this proportion has jumped to 3.8%.

The survey tested 89,397 people in capitals and large cities between May 14 and June 24, in three phases. Valor Econômico reports that it is the largest epidemiological study in the world on coronavirus, taking into account the number of people tested and demographic density.

Unlike other studies in the area, the study suggested that most patients have mild symptoms. Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that it is still evaluating the results of the work and that other phases of the research will be contracted, as a way to help policies to combat the disease.